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Annual Report




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Year ended 31 December
Note2015 2014 
Revenue29277,049 284,681 
Interconnection charges(13,093)   (14,599)   
Depreciation and amortisation(76,738)(73,868)
Network, operation and support expenses30(42,308)   (37,851)   
Employee benefit expenses31(35,140)(34,652)
Costs of telecommunications products sold32(44,046)   (43,397)   
Other operating expenses33(54,960)(61,411)
Finance costs34(6,934)   (4,617)   
Interest income438 283 
Share of loss of associates(759)   -    
Share of loss of joint venture(42)
Other income - net3610,568   1,362    
Profit before income tax 14,035 15,931 
Income tax expenses9(3,473)   (3,876)   
Profit for the year 10,562 12,055 
Profit attributable to:
    Equity shareholders of the Company


Earnings per share for profit attributable to equity
    shareholders of the Company during the year:

Basic earnings per share (RMB)
390.44 0.51 
Diluted earnings per share (RMB)390.44 0.49 

Details of dividends attributable to equity shareholders of the Company for the years ended 31 December 2015 and 2014 are set out in Note 38.

The notes on pages 89 to 165 are an integral part of these consolidated financial statements.