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Annual Report




China Unicom makes it a principle to put its employees first and persists in mechanism innovation so that the Company and its employees can grow together hand in hand. In 2015, the Company’s human resources work focused on spurring vitality and strengthening team-building efforts through adopting a liberal mindset, deepening reform measures, encouraging innovation and optimising organisational structure and staff allocation. As a result, the Company succeeded in securing robust human resources to support corporate reform and development.

Managing headcount and optimising human resources structure. By exercising headcount control in a rational manner, the Company further optimised its workforce and yielded improved efficiency, successfully boosting its labour productivity by about 7%. The Company continued to upgrade its staff structure, with the ratio of bachelor degree (or above) holders increased by 3.4 percentage points. More than 46.5% of newly-recruited fresh graduates were assigned to frontline positions. The Company also strengthened its compliance with labour rules and regulation by reducing the proportion of dispatched workers by 3.7 percentage points and enforcing the practice of equal pay for equal work.

Optimising compensation system to spur vitality. The Company further refined its staff compensation structure by linking the growth in staff cost to the Company’s performance. In order to build an equitable and harmonious compensation system, the Company tested differentiated remuneration scheme, put in place a fair and transparent remuneration policy and strengthened the management and control of remuneration distribution among different staff groups. An incentive-based staff promotion system was set up to provide motivation for staff advancement and development.

Enhancing staff selection and building stronger teams. The Company refined the management system for management personnel by enforcing stringent selection and appointment procedures and establishing a regular mechanism for building talent pipeline. The Company upgraded the structure of its management team while nurturing and selecting talents according to its development needs. The Company also proactively improved the capabilities of its management and operation teams at different levels, holding 25 leadership training classes as well as 143 specialised training classes for different departments.

Type of specialtySpecialty Composition
Number of
by specialty
    Sales and customer service personnel79,07534.19%
    Products and marketing personnel19,467   8.42%    
    Construction and maintenance personnel76,14032.92%
    Support personnel25,715   11.12%   
    Management personnel21,9569.49%
    Other8,946   3.87%   
 Education Level  
Education categoryNumber of
    Master degree and above14,0376.07%
    Bachelor degree116,471   50.36%   
    College degree53,89323.30%
    Below college degree46,898   20.28%