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Annual Report




Fully Implement “Focus Strategies” to Enhance Value

  • Businesses: 4G, broadband in Northern China, platforms, industrial Internet
  • Regions: Key cities & areas
  • Organisational system & structure innovation

  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data
  • ICT
  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial Internet

  • Mobile : base stations, indoor distribution, transportation lines
  • Fixed-line transmission
  • Return to industry leading growth trajectory
    Continuous improvement in profitability
    Remarkable results in structure optimisation
    Scale breakthrough in innovative business
    Noticeable improvement in customers’ perception

    2016 Priorities

    Focus on 4G & strive to drive subscriber migration to 4G for steady rebound of mobile business
    Promote fiber adoption with high quality content (e.g. TV) to ensure stable growth of fixed-line business
    Establish a highly efficient innovative operating model to promote breakthrough in innovative business
    Fully promote co-building & co-sharing of resources to enhance customer service & experience